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18″ x 14″

Falls of Clyde is 142 years old, and it is the last surviving iron-hulled four-masted sailing ship in the world. It was built by Russell and Company in Port Glasgow, Scotland and launched in 1878. It is named after a group of waterfalls on the nearby River Clyde.

Falls of Clyde transported freight all over the world for many decades. After retiring from service Falls of Clyde was given to the Bishop Museum in Honolulu for restoration, and the museum opened it to the public in 1968. That restoration was never completed, and the museum couldn’t keep up with maintenance, so it was closed to the public in 2007.  In 2008 ownership was transferred to a “non-profit” group for restoration, but that restoration never occurred. In 2017 a plan was announced to move the Falls of Clyde back to Scotland for a complete restoration and return to sea duty as a training ship.  We’ll see.

This painting done in 2012 shows a deteriorated Falls of Clyde, and it has deteriorated further since then.

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