Bill Thomas and his wife Pat live in Honolulu, Hawaii. Bill paints landscapes, still lifes, and portraits using acrylics on canvas or board.

Bill was born in South Carolina and has also lived and painted in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Hawaii. He graduated from Wilkes University in 1975, and he has been in the printing business for more than 40 years.

05-12 Kendersteg Studio

“I have been painting since childhood. Have you ever noticed that all children practice art yet few adults do? I never stopped.”

“After moving to Honolulu in 1991 the overwhelming natural beauty, color, and light caused me to set aside golf and yard work to concentrate on painting.”

“My goal with landscape painting is to create a renewed appreciation of familiar places.”

“My goal with portrait painting is to provide families with multi-generational memories that are more meaningful and more long-lasting than photographs (your children will pass the portrait on to their children).”